Mini Dental Implants Juno Beach

mini dental implants and teeth implants in Juno Beach

Losing a tooth can have a devastating effect on a patient’s happiness and self-esteem. No one should have to deal with that kind of trauma or disappointment for long, which is why we offer treatment options to combat gaps in patients’ smiles.

If gaps in a smile are left untreated for too long, your remaining teeth will shift around to compensate for the extra space. This can lead to unnatural wear and tear on your remaining teeth, and can ruin your bite and dental alignment.

Luckily, there are restorative options available that can correct gaps in smiles and prevent further issues from developing. Dr. Weinberg and his team provide top-quality mini dental implants to their patients in the Juno Beach area.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are dental restorative devices used to restore gaps in a patient’s smile. They are small and consist of a single screw implement that has a ball-shaped protrusion at one end.

Mini Dental Implants vs. Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants are a permanent tooth restorative option that requires a series of appointments to place. The main difference between traditional dental implants and mini dental implants lies in how they are placed.

Where traditional implants require multiple appointments with your dentist to affix parts and wait the right amount of time for healing, mini implants can be placed in just one visit!

Why Should You Receive Mini Dental Implants?

Traditional implants can sometimes be too large to accommodate the gap in your smile. Mini dental implants are the perfect solution to this problem and others associated with traditional implants.

Not every tooth is the same size, but at Weinberg Dentistry we have options that can accommodate the loss of any tooth and restore it. Our mini dental implants restore smiles for patients who have lost smaller teeth and still want to enjoy the benefits of a full, beautiful smile.

The Benefits of Mini Implants

Our dental implant dentist at Weinberg Dentistry can help fix your smile with full or mini dental implants, depending on your individual needs. Some benefits of our implant dentistry include the following:

  • Funny mature man with beautiful smileEvery patient is unique. Each of our mini teeth implants are made specifically for each patient. We get to know our patients and make sure that each implant we place will fit perfectly for maximum comfort.
  • Replace a tooth completely. Mini implants and dental implants are the only restorative dentistry services that replace both the root and surface area of your tooth.
  • Restore your natural smile. When combined with a beautiful porcelain crown, a mini dental implant can provide a perfect artificial tooth replacement that looks and feels completely natural. Our crowns are made with the highest quality porcelain. Our crowns look completely natural and are custom-made to provide patients with a full, stunning smile.
  • Expect long-lasting results. Mini teeth implants fuse directly to your bone the same way a natural tooth root does. With a mini implant, patients enjoy the same support for their jawbone that they enjoyed before they lost the tooth. A mini implant can keep your jawbone healthy and strong longer and prevents bone deterioration.
  • Mini implants work when jawbone support is lacking. Implants need a certain amount of bone to support them. Should the area not have enough bone density, a full-sized dental implant won’t fit. If a patient doesn’t have enough bone density in the area to support a traditional dental implant, it’s possible that a mini dental implant will work instead—without the need for a bone graft.
  • Promote jawbone health. Mini dental implants support jawbone health by stimulating bone density in the area they’re placed. Mini implants can also fill out a patient’s face, giving it a full, healthy appearance instead of the sunken look that often comes with missing teeth.
  • Look and function like natural teeth. Mini dental implants are designed to support a dental prosthetic that will look just like a real tooth. No one, including yourself, will be able to see a difference between your mini implant and the natural teeth around it.
  • Placed in one appointment. Because they’re smaller and made differently, mini dental implants can be placed in just one trip to your dentist or oral surgeon. This makes for a much more enjoyable experience than having to schedule multiple appointments over the course of months, which is what would happen with a traditional implant.
  • Permanent tooth replacement option. Mini dental implants, just like regular ones, are a permanent tooth restorative option. Once they’ve been properly placed, they’ll be part of your mouth and your smile for years to come.

Mini dental implants are an amazing way to restore your missing tooth or missing teeth. Just visit our office near Juno Beach!

Caring For Mini Dental Implants

Your teeth need regular, consistent care. This includes bi-yearly appointments with your dentist for cleaning and checkups as well as maintaining a good care regime at home. When daily brushing and flossing is combined with regular dental appointments, you’re setting your teeth and your smile up to be the best and healthiest they can be.

Mini dental implants, once placed, are designed to function and look just like your natural teeth. This means they need just as much care and attention as your natural teeth. The same at-home treatments will work well to keep them healthy and stable. Be sure to brush your teeth and floss regularly. Setting up and keeping consistent dental appointments is important as well.

Don’t Live Your Life With Gaps in Your Smile!

Get gaps corrected today with help from our team at Weinberg Dentistry! To find out more about our mini implants, contact us at our Juno Beach dentist office today. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and to schedule an appointment if you are in the area, including Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens.