Dental Technology

CEREC 3D Technology

This dental technology in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens allows Dr. Weinberg to capture 3D images of the prepared tooth and immediately create a tooth-colored porcelain restoration in one visit, no need for temporaries.

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Zoom Whitening

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening utilizes a breakthrough dual barrel chemistry that is engineered to accelerate teeth whitening efficacy in unique ways. First, it utilizes a breakthrough surfactant dental technology for improved gel penetration near Palm Beach Gardens. Second, it helps to control the activation of Hydrogen Peroxide.

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Digital X-Rays

By using a digital sensor instead of conventional film, up to 90% less radiation is used to produce a digital x-ray image instantly with this amazing dental technology near Jupiter.

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Cone Beam CT Scanner

With our Cone Beam CT Scanner, we’re able to create accurate 3D digital images that allow your dentist to make more accurate diagnoses and create more personalized treatment plans. This technology is particularly useful for dental pathology procedures and implant dentistry.

Weinberg Dentistry Is Prepared with the Latest and Greatest Dental Technology

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