Discreet Invisalign® Clear Braces in Juno Beach

Invisalign treatment by Weinberg Dentistry in Juno Beach can shift your teeth to rest in orderly rows for easy brushing. Their final positions will be optimally placed for adequate cleaning, eating, and speaking.

Invisalign orthodontics uses clear aligner trays instead of wires. These aligners are easily removed and replaced. This means that your cleaning routines can stay normal, and you can eat all of your favorite foods during treatment.

Other benefits of Invisalign orthodontic treatment include:

  • Fitted and functional bites.
  • Even wear on teeth and jaw.
  • Straight and aligned smiles.

Are you dissatisfied with your smile because of crooked or gapped teeth? Is chewing or speaking difficult for you because of how your teeth come together? Dr. Weinberg and Dr. Keck can help using Invisalign clear braces!

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Crowded & Crooked Teeth Compromise Oral Health

Like many people, you may have been dealing with crooked teeth for years. Perhaps you made peace with the aesthetic flaw, yet attributes of misaligned teeth will likely degenerate your oral health over time. Attributes such as:

  • Tight, hard-to-clean spaces create bacteria pockets, which increase the risk of:
    • Enamel discoloration and disintegration.
    • Gum Disease | inflammation and bleeding.
    • Cavities | further discoloration and tooth pain.
    • Tooth Decay | the tooth root becomes infected.
    • Tooth Sensitivity | hot and cold foods cause pain.
    • Bacterial infections spreading to bone and bloodstream.
  • Overbites, underbites, or deep bites can cause jaw pain by changing how you chew, thus inflaming the cartilage in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ).
  • Malocclusion, including conflicting contact surfaces between teeth, will cause accelerated tooth wear in parts of your mouth. Those who do not correct their teeth alignment may need costly tooth restoration or replacement.

Invisalign Braces Support Oral Health With Subtlety and Convenience

Invisalign aligners can correct a variety of alignment, crowding, and gap issues, which automatically reduces the associated risks outlined above. Invisalign treatment by an experienced dentist like Dr. Brion Weinberg or Dr. Samantha Keck will support your natural teeth so they can look their best and persist for as long as possible.

The following is a list of Invisalign amenities for you to enjoy:

  • Orthodontic adjustment with a general dentist means that you can have multiple services and oral health concerns attended to in one office visit.
  • Smooth contours of the aligners keep your cheeks and lips more comfortable and avoid cuts from tight, thin wires arced around your mouth.
  • Removable aligners allow you to eat whatever you like and easily clean your teeth daily. Wire braces are hard to clean, and they will restrict your diet and eating habits.
  • Clear aligners allow you to have daily treatment without attracting comments. Adults and adolescents can feel more confident while straightening their smiles.
  • Strong aligners of medical-grade materials like Invisalign aligners can prevent bruxism, or teeth grinding.

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Most people are not born with perfectly straight or evenly spaced teeth. Their secret is orthodontic treatment and retainers. Now it is your turn to shape your winning smile with Invisalign treatment in Juno Beach.

Dr. Weinberg has focused much of his ongoing dental education on skills to make beautiful, natural-looking smiles. He brings specialized knowledge and years of both instructional and practical dental experience to each appointment. He treats all patients like family.

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Invisalign clear braces in Juno BeachBenefits of Invisalign Clear Braces

Bite Correction

The following are common bite issues that you can have corrected in Juno Beach with Invisalign treatment:

  • Overbite | When your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth dramatically, making it difficult for your teeth to close correctly. Invisalign trays reposition your teeth to reduce the front overlap and give you a better bite.
  • Overjet | A horizontal gap between the bottom incisors and top incisors, where the top teeth protrude out towards the lips. It is often called “buck teeth.” Invisalign aligners gently rotate your top teeth to point downward.
  • Underbite | An inverse of the overbite. The bottom incisors close in front of the top incisors. Invisalign orthodontics shifts your teeth to be conventionally placed, possibly in tandem with oral surgery to resize your palate.
  • Open Bite | A vertical gap between top and bottom teeth, even when the back teeth are resting together. This is a rare bite. Invisalign braces will gently rotate and reposition your teeth to be straight and overlap by a few millimeters.
  • Diastema | Gaps between teeth. There is a risk of teeth wandering into more crooked positions or food particles getting caught in the gaps and breeding bacteria. Invisalign treatment gathers your teeth closer together.
  • Dental Crowding | Overcrowding describes teeth that do not fit in the available jaw space and so have grown in crooked and/or overlapped. Invisalign trays straighten and reposition your teeth.

Perfect for Both Adults and Teens

The benefits of the Invisalign system fit the concerns and lifestyles of both adults and teens.

  • Self-confidence is increased as teeth adjust, and the clear aligners preserve a natural appearance as the process plays out. This helps both adults in the thick of their careers and socially sensitive adolescents to stay on their best game.
  • The aligners’ easy removal and replacement is a game-changer for eating whatever foods you want, maintaining easy cleaning routines, and showing off your natural teeth on special occasions.
  • The aligners are much more comfortable than wire braces. When aligners need to be worn for 22 hours a day, comfort becomes an important commodity and Invisalign braces provide that.

Invisalign Orthodontics vs Metal Braces

Invisalign technology has four strong benefits over traditional braces:

  • Accuracy: Invisalign aligners can adjust your teeth more precisely because they connect to at least 3 surfaces on each of your teeth instead of one bracket on the front of each tooth.
  • Inconspicuousness: Invisalign trays are clear and smooth, making them nearly invisible. Wire braces are obvious and unnatural looking, which can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.
  • Removability: Invisalign aligners facilitate easy cleaning and culinary freedom. You can eat your favorite foods throughout treatment. Wire braces have a list of over 20 forbidden foods.
  • Safety: You may cut your cheeks and lips more often while wearing wire braces. That increased risk is avoided by the Invisalign treatment’s smooth, comfortable design that is custom-made for your mouth.

Improves Oral Health

Correcting misaligned teeth can help you prevent cavities, tooth sensitivity, and gum disease.

Malocclusion can cause a painful jaw joint (TMJ), so aligning teeth can relieve pain and reverse joint inflammation.

Learn If Invisalign Is Right For You

    How Does Invisalign Treatment Work?

    Primary Design Consultation

    To ensure that your results will be successful, Dr. Weinberg and his staff will work with you to determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign treatment. Your primary consultation will include an impression of your current teeth.

    How your specific teeth will shift under force will be projected. Based on your goals and needs, our experienced, professionally-trained dentists will tailor a treatment plan that will dictate where and when your aligners will apply pressure to each tooth to move it.

    Custom Aligner Fabrication

    Once you approve your treatment plan, your dental impressions will be sent to the Invisalign manufacturers, where customized aligners will be created. Invisalign aligners are made from a medical-grade thermoplastic called SmartTrack®, and they will fit so precisely that only you can wear them.

    It usually takes 2–3 weeks for you to receive your first aligners. You will meet with Dr. Brian Weinberg to pick them up and make sure that they fit correctly.

    Wearing the Aligner

    The comfortable aligners need to be worn each day for 20–22 hours to shift your teeth gently and persistently. This means that you will wear them while you are sleeping. They are very comfortable and tight-fitting, so you should be able to adjust to their unobtrusive presence quickly.

    You may remove them for activities such as:

    • Eating.
    • Cleaning teeth.
    • Rare special occasions.

    Replace them as soon as possible once you are done to keep the progress of your treatment on track.

    Changing to the Next Aligner

    Every 2 to 4 weeks you will change to a new aligner, keeping your progress on pace to be completed in as little as 6 months for mild cases. (Treatment of moderate and severe malocclusion may last up to 12 or 18 months, respectively.)

    Maintain Alignment

    As your teeth adjust to each aligner, eventually, they will be in an optimally functional and aesthetic position. This is when your smile may need to be maintained with the help of a retainer, to prevent your teeth from shifting away from their new perfection.

    Your custom retainer would only need to be worn at night. However, not everyone may need a retainer to keep their smile just right. Check with one of our dentists to see if you will need a retainer.

    straighten teeth with invisible braces Juno Beach Common Invisalign Questions

    Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Invisalign Clear Braces?

    Your success is the top priority of all of us at Weinberg Dentistry. Invisalign orthodontics is an investment of resources and time that may not be the best option for everyone. The following are some qualifications for Invisalign candidates:

    • Commitment: You will need to commit to wearing your aligners for 20–22 hours every day for a minimum of 6 months, but likely much longer.
    • Good Hygiene Habits: Keeping both your trays and teeth clean is an important routine you will need to follow for your ongoing oral health.
    • Good Dental Health: There may be a few situations where a different therapy would be more appropriate, due to more serious or underlying problems.

    Why Visit a Dentist for Invisalign Treatment?

    We will treat you like our own family. He has the skill set and experience for creating beautiful, natural smiles that your safe journey to a perfect smile needs. Rather than anonymous faces and impersonal algorithms offered by direct aligner services, you can put your trust into the hands of a dentist who has:

    • Completed postdoctoral studies at both Harvard and Nova Southeastern University.
    • Further trained at the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education.
    • Practiced dentistry in your community for more than a decade.

    How Affordable Are Invisalign Treatments?

    If you can afford metal braces, you can afford Invisalign braces. The cost of your Invisalign aligners will depend on how severe your malocclusion is, as longer treatment will need more custom aligners created. If you’re worried about being able to afford treatment, there are financing options that can help:

    • Pre-tax HSA dollars can be applied to Invisalign treatment.
    • Payment plans can break up the charge into more manageable increments.
    • Loans by third-party healthcare financiers that are partnered with Weinberg Dentistry are available.
    • Dental insurance may cover a large part of the investment. Weinberg Dentistry offers an in-house insurance plan.

    How Much Time Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

    At Weinberg Dentistry, our clients typically see the Invisalign results they want within 6 to 18 months. The difference in time is based on how much adjusting their teeth need to correct any malocclusion:

    • Mild malocclusion can be finished in as little as 6 months.
    • Severe malocclusion may finish after 1.5 years.
    • Moderate cases will last closer to 1 year.

    There is a small possibility that your treatment may last longer than 1.5 years. Doctor Weinberg and his staff can give you an estimate of how long your treatment may last. It’s important to shift your teeth at a consistent and comfortable pace.

    How Long Will My Results Last?

    Once your teeth are aligned, you can expect to keep your new smile as long as you keep the teeth in it—if you wear a retainer. Many patients will need a customized retainer to keep their teeth from shifting back out of alignment. These are usually worn only at night and can be removed in the morning.

    If you have any habits that created your misalignment, you may need to unlearn them or set up preventive measures. Examples of behaviors that can misalign teeth when performed multiple times a day include:

    • Clenching your jaw, also called bruxism.
    • Pushing your tongue against your front teeth.
    • Sucking on things. This is more common among children.

    get beautiful teeth with Invisalign clear braces in Juno Beach

    Keep Your Lifestyle & Align Your Smile

    Invisalign clients do not need to make sacrifices for straighter teeth anymore. They just pop the aligners on and off their teeth as necessary. No need to learn how to clean under wires and around small studs, or how to cook and order out around new dietary restrictions. The aligners will fit each of your teeth, and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your life.

    Invisalign orthodontics is an inconspicuous treatment that has straightened over eleven million smiles since 1997. Join the movement with Weinberg Dentistry’s seasoned staff at Juno Beach. We are proudly:

    • Safe.
    • Local.
    • Caring.
    • Tailored.
    • Experienced.
    • Professional.

    Invisalign clear braces can bring you more confidence, and protect your teeth from painful cavities and chipping. Today is the day to take your ongoing oral health into your own hands. Contact us to begin your Invisalign treatment.