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If you’re sick of dealing with missing teeth and the added oral health issues a missing tooth can cause, now’s the time to take action! Our Juno Beach office provides quality dental implants to give you your dream smile. Whether you’re ready to get your implant, or you just want to learn more, Weinberg Dentistry is here to help!

With our expert dentist Dr. Weinberg and our dedicated staff, you can be confident in your choice to come to Weinberg Dentistry. We use the best technology and techniques to give you the best experience possible. Here at Weinberg Dentistry, we work hard to provide quality patient care and support.

For a treatment plan, contact our Juno Beach office for an initial consultation. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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    Missing Teeth Are a Pain. We’re Here to Help.

    Missing teeth can lead to all sorts of issues, from self-conscious smiles to trouble eating. While dentures can help with some of these issues, they aren’t a perfect solution. They can be uncomfortable, and don’t protect against issues such as jawbone decay.

    That’s where dental implants come in. Implants can treat issues that dentures don’t, providing a more natural feeling smile and restoring your confidence.

    Implants are a great solution for missing teeth and the problems that arise because of it, such as:

    • Trouble eating. Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew foods, leading to changes in eating habits. Dental implants make chewing comfortable again, getting you back to eating your favorite foods without any struggle or hassle.
    • Difficulty speaking. Missing teeth can make talking uncomfortable and difficult, and even make people self-conscious about how they speak. Implants make speaking clearly easier as well as comfortable.
    • Embarrassment. Unfortunately, missing teeth can make people self-conscious about their smiles, preventing them from speaking or smiling. Dental implants look just like a natural tooth, restoring both your smile and your confidence.
    • Difficulty maintaining oral hygiene. Missing teeth and gaps can make taking care of your mouth difficult, causing issues with your overall oral hygiene. Not only that, but cleaning and maintaining dentures can be tedious. Dental implants make caring for your teeth easy again.

    Why Dental Implants Are a Great Solution

    A dental implant is a tiny titanium rod that is surgically inserted into your jaw, firmly securing an artificial tooth in place and providing many oral health and cosmetic benefits that other solutions don’t.

    • Dental implants look just like natural teeth. The artificial teeth are custom-made for your smile, not only looking natural but also blending in with the rest of your smile as well.
    • Dental implants are a sturdy tooth replacement. Because implants replace not only the tooth but the tooth root, dental implants are secure and sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about tasks such as chewing.
    • Dental implants prevent bone density loss. Jawbone decay occurs when teeth are missing and can lead to several oral health issues. By replacing the tooth root, implants keep the jawbone nerves stimulated and prevent decay.
    • Dental implants prevent shifting. When a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth will naturally shift over time. This can further impact your smile, and shift dentures and dental bridges as well. Implants prevent this, protecting your smile and your dental work.
    • Dental implants improve your oral health. Dental implants are cleaned in the same way as natural teeth, through brushing and flossing, making it easy to care for your oral health.

    Take The First Step Today

    If you’re looking for quality dental implants in Juno Beach, look no further!

    Here at Weinberg Dentistry, we use the best techniques and technology to provide you with a quality experience while visiting our office. Dr. Weinberg is a highly accomplished dentist, and you can be confident when you come to our Juno Beach location for your implant placing that you’re in great hands.

    Our team makes it a priority to ensure that each person who comes into our office is given the attention and help they need. Whether you’re coming in for dental work or a consultation, we want you to feel like a valued member of the Weinberg Dentistry family.

    Even if you haven’t made the decision yet to get dental implants, now is the best time to schedule a consultation appointment with us to learn more.

    Take the first step towards your new smile today!

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    Patient Reviews

    “Dr. Weinberg and his team are hands down the best! I’m fresh off an implant and could not have asked for a better experience for what is for most of us a unnerving event. The technology that’s used to prepare for the procedure is world class, and coupled with Dr. Weinberg’s attention to detail and experience, you can’t find a better place to go. I have been in dentist chairs for the best part of my 60 years. Thank you Dr. Weinberg for making sure this was an event with a positive outcome. 5 Stars, world class operation.” – Andrew T

    How Does the Dental Implant Process Work?

    There are many steps to the implant process, and including the recovery time, it will likely take several months. Be sure to take this into account when planning for a dental implant. Below is a summary of the implant process.

    • Initial evaluation. The first step of the dental implant process is the initial evaluation. During this appointment, we will do a thorough exam of your mouth, and x-ray your teeth and jaw to create a model for Dr. Weinerg to examine.
    • Planning the implant placement. Using the model from your initial evaluation, Dr. Weinberg will customize a placement plan for your implant. This plan is unique to each patient and will be customized specifically for your needs and complete any prep work.
    • Placing the implant. During this appointment, Dr. Weinberg will place the implant and any additional dental work, such as bridges. Do note that you won’t get the artificial tooth that goes over the implant until after your jaw has healed, and may be given a temporary tooth for the time being.
    • Healing after the placement. Following the implant placement is the healing process, which typically takes several months. During this time the jawbone and implant fuse together, providing a stable base for the artificial tooth.
    • Restoring the tooth surface. After your mouth has fully healed, we’ll add the replacement tooth, or implant tooth surface, which is customized to blend in with the rest of your smile. While the tooth surface will need to be replaced roughly every 15 years due to wear and tear, the implant itself is permanent.

    While the dental implant process does take multiple visits to our office, you don’t need to worry about stressing over scheduling each visit. We will discuss the scheduling with you during your initial appointment, and build a schedule that works for you.

    Common Questions About Dental Implants

    How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

    The cost of dental implants can vary depending on a couple of factors. Because of this, you should schedule a consultation appointment with us for a price estimate and breakdown.

    Our practice accepts most major insurances. To verify that your insurance is covered, be sure to check our Finance and Insurance page, or give us a call.

    We accept a variety of payment options, such as:

    • Credit/debit.
    • Cash.
    • Checks.

    Are Dental Implants Painful?

    The dental implant will not be painful, as you will be properly sedated before the implant placement. We will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable, and make sure that the sedative has taken effect before beginning. If you have any questions about this, be sure to let Dr. Weinberg know during the consultation.

    During the first week or two of your recovery, your mouth will be sensitive while it heals. We recommend eating soft foods that don’t require a lot of chewing, and if any additional care is needed Dr. Weinberg will let you know during your visit.

    It is unusual for any sensitivity or discomfort to persist for longer than two weeks. If you are still experiencing discomfort after the second week please let us know, as we may want to schedule a follow-up appointment.

    How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

    Dental implants consist of two parts, the implant itself and the artificial tooth that goes over the implant. The implant is permanent, but due to wear and tear the artificial tooth will need to be replaced roughly every fifteen to twenty years.

    How long your artificial tooth lasts before needing to be replaced depends greatly on how well it is taken care of. To ensure that your artificial tooth lasts as long as possible, ensure that you are following good oral health habits.

    Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day, and floss every day. Not only is this practice key to keeping your other teeth healthy, but it also keeps your implant clean and healthy as well. You should also schedule a dental checkup once every six months.

    Am I a Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

    Dental implants can be a fantastic option for replacing missing teeth, but they aren’t necessarily the right choice for everyone. Dental implants may not be the solution for you if you:

    • Have unhealthy gums. Issues such as gum disease can affect how well the implant fuses with your jaw, and affect the security of the implant. If you have a history of gum disease or are at risk for gum disease, be sure to let our team know.
    • Are a smoker. Smoking can cause issues that prevent implants from healing correctly, as tobacco and nicotine can interfere with the implant fusing to the jaw. If you smoke or have a history of smoking, let Dr. Weinberg know.
    • Are not an adult. Implants aren’t a good option for those whose jaws are still growing. Other options such as dentures may be best until the jaw has finished growing, which typically occurs at about 18.

    If you aren’t sure if dental implants are right for you, or if you just have some questions before committing to implants, be sure to schedule an appointment with us. Dr. Weinberg and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    How Can I Prepare For Dental Implants?

    The dental implant placement process takes time, due to the nature of the process and the number of steps that are involved. From your initial appointment to your jaw fully recovering, you should expect the process to take several months. Make sure to schedule accordingly.

    To ensure that you recover as quickly as possible after getting your implants, you should make sure to be in as good oral health as possible before and after your appointment. Make sure that you are maintaining good oral hygiene habits such as brushing twice a day, and that you continue to take good care of your teeth after getting the implant.

    Is There Any Additional Care After Dental Implants?

    For the first few months after Dr. Weinberg places your implants your mouth will be sensitive while your jaw heals. During this time, we recommend foods such as soft foods, soup, and cold foods.

    As for taking care of your implant, no additional care is needed other than maintaining good oral health habits. Brush your teeth twice a day and don’t forget to floss, and make sure to schedule regular cleanings and exams with us. It’s also a good idea to avoid extremely hard or sticky foods, such as rock candy or taffy.

    The better you take care of your implant, the longer the implant’s top, or artificial tooth, will last before needing to be replaced, so make sure to keep up good habits.

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    Missing teeth can lead to all sorts of problems, from low self-esteem to bone density loss. By not only covering the space of the missing tooth but replacing the tooth and its root, dental implants are a great solution for missing teeth.

    If you’re looking for quality dental implants in Juno Beach, look no further! Our amazing tech and quality techniques, and attention to service ensure that you can be confident in your choice to get dental implants done at Weinberg Dentistry.

    Here at Weinberg Dentistry, it’s our goal to make you as comfortable at our office as possible. Dr. Weinberg is a skilled dentist and provides quality dental implants for our patients.

    Whether you’re ready to get your dental implant, or just want to learn more, you can take the first step towards your dream smile today.

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