Dental Hygiene West Palm Beach

Maintaining good dental hygiene is the easiest and most effective way to prevent more serious dental problems down the line. Dr. Weinberg and the rest of our caring dental team will do all they can to give you great oral health whenever you come into our office—but the rest of the time, it’s your job.

Helping Improve Dental Health in the West Palm Beach, FL, Area

What is good oral hygiene? Let’s go over the basics:

Brushing and Flossing

Regular Dental Hygiene Can Save you Money in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach GardensBrushing and flossing are the staples of good oral hygiene and good dental health. Everyone should brush at least twice a day, and preferably after every meal. You should also floss at least twice a day.

These activities remove plaque, which is a mass of bacteria that is constantly forming on the surface of your teeth. Plaque deteriorates oral health because it eventually leads to cavities and tooth decay. Bacterial plaque can even cause gingivitis and other periodontal diseases.

Your regular oral hygiene routine should also include fluoride and mouthwash.

Commit to a Daily Oral Health Regimen

Our experienced dental hygienists will recommend an effective oral health routine based specifically on your needs, which we discuss below. This dental health routine will be outlined clearly and be easy to follow. People with underlying conditions, including pregnant women, will need to follow an especially rigid daily hygiene routine.

Understand Your Own Dental Health Needs

Your oral health depends on many factors, including:

  • Your diet.
  • What medications you are taking.
  • Daily health habits.
  • Your overall health.
  • Your daily dental hygiene routine.

A change in your health status can and will affect your oral health. Women who are pregnant and those who take certain medications experience oral changes. For example, pregnancy can cause inflammation of the gums, which is called pregnancy gingivitis. Patients with asthma or who breathe through their mouths, particularly when sleeping, can develop dry mouth, increased plaque formation, and gingivitis.

Preserve Your Dental Health today near West Palm BeachEat a Balanced Diet and Limit Snacks High in Simple Sugars

When you eat, particles of food can become lodged in and around your teeth, which fuel bacteria. The bacteria in the plaque produces acid every time you eat. This results in bacteria breaking down sugars and producing acids that begin the decay process eating away at your dental health.

Foods containing sugars or starches (complex sugars), expose your teeth to bacterial acids for 20 minutes or more! Eventually the acids can break down the enamel surface of your teeth, leading to a cavity. When you snack, brush your teeth or chew sugarless gum afterward.

It goes without saying that a balanced diet is important. Supplement your diet with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Avoid tobacco in any form. This includes smoking cigarettes or using smokeless tobacco which increases your risk of oral cancer, gingivitis, periodontal disease, tooth stains, and tooth decay.

Visit the Dental Office Regularly

As part of your dental health and oral hygiene routine, examine your mouth daily—when you notice changes in your mouth, visit your dentist. Although you may only see your dentist only a few times a year, make an appointment immediately any time you notice changes that might be of concern.

These changes could include swollen gums, chipped teeth, discolored teeth or sores or lesions on your gums, cheeks, or tongue. This is especially important for tobacco users—who are at increased risk of developing oral cancer. Dr. Brion Weinberg will discuss with you the recommended frequency of your visits as some people need to visit their dentist more frequently than others to maintain their oral health.

Dental Hygiene Is the Secret to Amazing Oral Health

Remember, our dental team at Weinberg Dentistry is committed to you having the perfect smile. To have the perfect smile for a long time, you need to take care of your dental health and follow a regular dental hygiene routine with both at-home attention and regular dental hygiene visits to our West Palm Beach area office.