Benefits of Dental Implants

When looking for restorative dentistry, it can be hard to find a treatment that restores your teeth, beautifies your smile, and supports your total oral health—but that’s exactly what dental implants do!

At Weinberg Dentistry, we’re proud and pleased to offer this remarkable restorative and cosmetic dental treatment to our patients suffering from or dealing with slight to severe gaps in their smiles.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are surgical devices placed in the jawbone that hold and anchor in place dental replacement devices such as a dental crown or bridge. When the implant is placed, it interfaces with the surrounding bone and functions just as a regular tooth’s root would.

There are a myriad of benefits to consider undergoing the dental implant procedure. Take a look at the following to get just a taste for all the positive things dental implants can make in your smile and in your life.

Improved Appearance in Your Smile

The dental implants procedure is most noticeably going to make a big improvement in your smile. Missing teeth for whatever reason—be it disease, decay, trauma, etc.—are not fun to deal with. Especially if those teeth are part of the teeth that make up the front of your mouth, which are more visible to others when you smile, laugh, or communicate.

Straightforward Procedure and Stunning Results

Dental implants will be able to take your gap-toothed smile back to a full-tooth grin in no time. This simple two-step process can be done all in our one office.

We’ll have an oral surgeon come into our office to place your implant, then Dr. Weinberg will install the dental crown or other tooth replacement on top. You’ll be comfortable getting the full treatment from a supportive dental staff you know and trust.

Once your smile is restored, your new teeth will look just like natural teeth, and they’ll take the same amount of care afterward. You’ll be able to see a big difference in your dental implants before and after.

Preserve Your Existing Natural Teeth

When you have one or more missing teeth, your remaining teeth will naturally shift around in your mouth. This happens to compensate for the extra space in your mouth, and it usually results in those teeth experiencing a great amount of additional wear and tear.

That’s why dental implant surgery can be vitally important—not just for restoring your smile, but for the preservation of your existing teeth as well.

Restored Ability to Eat With Ease

Missing teeth can make it very difficult to consume food, especially when certain types of teeth are missing. For instance, front teeth are used for tearing and breaking off food. When one or multiple of those teeth are missing, it becomes difficult to consume any large foods.

The same goes for back teeth that are designed to grind food down. If those teeth are missing, the very specific task of grinding food down can fall to teeth that were never designed to do so. Having one or multiple dental crowns held in place by dental implants gives you a fully functioning mouth of teeth.

Prevent Further Oral Health Issues

When a tooth is lost, root and all, bone density in the jaw below the gumline begins to fade. This can cause serious issues down the road for anyone. Putting in a dental implant gives your jawbone something to attach to and keep its support—just like a natural tooth root.

So dental implants not only restore smiles, they also promote vital bone density and growth so that your jaw and all your teeth will be supported.

Long-Lasting Teeth Restoration Solution

Are you wondering, how long do dental implants last? The actual dental implant that interfaces with your bone down below the surface of your gum line can last decades with proper dental care and checkups. It’s likely that the dental crown or other tooth replacement it holds in place will have to be replaced eventually, but many dental implants can last a lifetime.

Renewed Sense of Self-Esteem

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s difficult to deal with gaps in your smile. It can truly cause a significant decline in your self-esteem. Restoring your smile to a beautiful whole, however, can make a great deal of difference for patients struggling with any type of embarrassment from lack of teeth.

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